🚜Harvest Points

Harvest Points (HP) unlock additional funtionality in our platform offerring an element of gamification that can lead to extra rewards.

A user staking 100,000 $CRB or more can accumulate HP and spend them within the Canary Reborn ecosystem.


Each time a user harvests $CRB rewards, they will earn 1,000 HP.

HP are soulbound meaning they are not tradeable or transferable tokens. They are points attached to a wallet address.

Users will have to see which strategy works best for them to accumulate HP and boosters!


Users can choose how to spend their HP. They can:

  • Purchase Bronze, Silver and Gold coins for additional tiered staking rewards

    • These NFTs are tradeable and offer a staking boost forever

  • Recharge Canary Reborn NFTs

    • These NFTs are tradeable too, but the staking boost expires

    • After 90 days they will need recharging to retain boost and voting rights

    • Cost to recharge is 250 $CRB or 500 HP

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